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Push-Pull-Legs Workout Routines

Are you interested in push-pull-legs workouts? There are many different to choose from that deliver tons of health benefits.

Push-pull-legs workout routines are recommended fitness plans to follow for several reasons. If you are searching for a new fitness routine or you are trying to lose weight, push-pull-legs workouts can help deliver the results you are looking for.

A handful of push-pull-leg workouts do not require much equipment or space. Push-pull-leg workouts are simple and straightforward. Many people underestimate the effectiveness of full body workouts and compound body movements to deliver superior results.

Benefits of Push-Pull-Legs Workouts

Push-pull-legs is a workout plan that takes proper planning so you can give your body rest on certain days while you workout other muscles other days. Deciding which days to focus on certain muscles shouldn’t be difficult, but it is worth noting to be mindful.

While many push-pull-legs workouts do not require equipment, there are a few that do suggest equipment or workout machines. Regardless of the workouts you decide to start doing, it is important to stay open-minded and keep trying new workouts. Trying new workouts will give you the ability to test what you like, what you dislike and keep things interesting in the gym.

Push-pull-legs workouts give your body fuel as you build strong muscles throughout each body part. When you focus on push-days, you will be focusing on your chest, your triceps, your shoulders, etc. However, when it is pull-day, you are focusing on your back and biceps more closely. While you tear certain muscles one day, those muscles will recover the following day.

Push Workouts

Push workouts vary between basic exercises like push-ups and shoulder press to more complicated workouts like Arnolds. It is helpful to understand the different movements and get the correct motions for each workout before trying to increase your weight.

Push workouts focus on the pushing motions and your muscles contract while you are complet


Push-ups are one of the most basic strength training workout you can do. Push-ups are a compound movement workout which targets multiple muscles and delivers increased muscle building. Push-ups are a convenient body weight workout and does not require any equipment to do.

People often forget to add in push-ups to their workout routine, however it is recommended to mix in different push-up workouts throughout your training schedule. Wide arm push-ups are fantastic to build your pectoral muscles and your trapezius muscles in your back.

Push Pull Legs - Push ups
Push-ups deliver great workouts for your chest and triceps.

Bench Press

Bench press is a key workout to include into your fitness routine. Bench press targets your pectoral muscles, triggers your forearms and also helps you control your breathing. While most people think the more weight the better, they are usually wrong.

If you are doing the bench press, it is better to do the full motion, bringing the bar all the way down right above your chest and lifting the bar all the way up to extend your arms. Often, people like to jerk the bar without doing the bench press motion. Avoid this at all costs.

Shoulder Press

Shoulder press is another key push workout to include into your fitness routine. This targets your traps, triceps and forearms. Similar to bench press, make sure you bring the bar all the way parallel with your face and raise it all the way up to extend your arms all the way up. This will deliver the best results.

Incline Bench Press

When you target your chest and shoulders, bench press and shoulder press are both great workouts. However, incline bench press is a good workout to mix into your push, pull and legs routine.

Arnold Shoulder Press

Arnold shoulder press is similar to the standard shoulder press, however this one is a bit more complicated and targets more muscles in your shoulders.

Learn how to do Arnold shoulder press from


Dips are a fantastic body weight workout you can do that is great for push workouts. If dips are too difficult for you at first, you can use the assisted dip bar machine to help you get more comfortable with this workout. Dips can deliver a great chest workout and tear your muscles in a few small sets.

Pull Workouts

When it comes to focusing on pull workouts, it’s helpful map out your routine so you can plan which muscles you will target.


Similar to push-ups, pull-ups are another body weight exercise that people underestimate. Pull-ups are fantastic for your back, shoulders, arms and core muscles. These are another compound body movement that helps burn more calories.

Push Pull Legs - Pull ups
Pull-ups deliver great workouts for your back and core muscles.

If you struggle to do free hanging pull-ups, you can take advantage of assisted pull-up machines to help you get used to the body movements. As you gain strength and build muscles in your back, you should be able to shift to unassisted free hanging pull-ups in no time.


Deadlifts is a simple workout that targets your core muscles, your back and your legs. Deadlifts are one of the key workouts in the push-pull-legs routine.

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Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs)

Similar to deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts are also a popular workout to do while following the push-pull-legs routine. Rather than bending your knees, with an RDL you are supposed to maintain a straighter leg during this motion.

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Lateral Shoulder Raises

Lateral shoulder raise exercises are excellent for your traps and helps trigger your forearms as well. Be mindful in controlling your body movements when doing this exercise.

Back Rows

Back rows are a great pull workout and help build out your back muscles as a whole. When you are doing back rows, do not do too much weight. You are better to do reasonable amounts of weight to allow you to control your movements and avoid having the weights out-weigh you.

Leg Workouts

There is no shortcut to leg workouts. Leg workouts are tough but deliver tons of health benefits. While weight lifting is always talked about, simple cardio workouts and leg movements can be used while following a push-pull-legs routine.

Back Squat

Back squats deliver results to targeted muscles in your legs including your quadriceps, glutes and adductors. The back squat strengthens your lower back and improves your body power while solidifying your inner core muscles.

Squat Lunges

The squat lunges can help target your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps very effectively. You will feel the burn within your calves and quads primarily, but you will also be building your lower back muscles as well.

Leg Press

The leg press is a good leg workout, isolating your lower body to focus on your leg muscles specifically. The leg press is a good workout to help test your leg strength and build your quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes.

Kettlebell Squats

Kettlebell squats are a simple yet effective workout like any other squat. With kettlebell squats, your legs should be shoulder width apart and you should hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of you. As you bend your knees to start your squat, be mindful of your posture and keep your lower back straight.

Stair Master

Stair masters are excellent for fat burning exercises. While you might not think stairs are a normal workout, they offer tons of health benefits. Your legs, butt muscles, and core body all benefit from walking stairs.

Row Machine

Rowing machines are great pull workouts that deliver fantastic benefits to your back and core muscles. Rowing machines provide low-impact aerobic workouts that engage both upper and lower body muscle groups. Due to the compound movements, your body burns more calories and you will build more muscle faster.

Following Push-Pull-Legs Routine

As mentioned, push-pull-legs routines can be very beneficial for your physical health. Push-pull-legs routine can help with gaining muscle and burning fat as well. If you make sure you are paying attention to your body movements and focus on your breathe, you will notice a heightened performance in your abilities.

Rest and Recovery for Push-Pull-Legs Routine

While burning fat and building muscles is always a desire, rest and recovery are also very important. Making sure you get the proper rest and recovery will help you continue improving your physical health.

Stretching is a helpful thing to practice that can help eliminate tightness in your muscles and promote blood flow. Stretching helps keep you nimble and flexible while following a weight-lifting routine.

Practicing your breathing is another helpful thing you can do to help yourself recover after a strenuous workout. Counting your breathes and paying attention to your exhale will help you figure out if you are taking deep breathes or holding oxygen in.

Another critical part of rest and recovery is sleep. Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do no matter what workout routine you are following. Making sure you get enough sleep and paying attention to your sleeping pattern can help you feel more alive with more energy throughout the day. Getting a good night sleep also help your muscles recover better with more rest time in between their active hours.

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