Xbox Series X – What to Know

Xbox Series X - Is it worth the hype? What to know about the highly anticipated gaming console.

If you haven’t heard yet, the highly anticipated Xbox Series X has recently been announced by Microsoft. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox has recently unfolded a brief introduction to the next generation gaming console for Xbox.

The Xbox Series X is said to be faster than ever along with smart cloud technology. The next generation gaming console will have highly advanced graphics and gaming software. If you love video games, this new gaming system might be the thing you have been waiting for.

Xbox Gaming Consoles Through the Years

The original Xbox broke into the video game space on November 15th, 2001. This was Microsoft’s bold step into the video game industry to steal marketshare from Nintendo and SONY’s PlayStation. Xbox Live was introduced within a year and slowly started to gain attraction with the help of their storied game Halo.

Xbox Original Gaming Console
Xbox Original by Microsoft was released in 2001

When Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005, it elevated Microsoft’s footprint into the gaming world, taking over larger market share with thriving Xbox Live platform.The longstanding video game console of choice of millions of gamers worldwide.

Xbox 360 Gaming System
Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005

Xbox One wasn’t introduced until 2013 and has been the standard video game console for Xbox fans across the globe. The video game console has been thriving for Microsoft, however it has grown stale and fans are craving something new.

The Xbox One is starting to become an outdated console and Microsoft is going to change that. Alas, the Xbox Series X appears to be one of the most sought after new gaming systems in years.

Xbox Series X – The Fastest Yet

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox claims that Xbox Series X will be the fastest gaming console they have ever introduced. The sleek black gaming console is the most powerful gaming console yet.

Things to Know About the Xbox Series X

Smart Delivery – whether you purchase a video game on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, you will know you are getting the authentic version with the introduction of Smart Delivery.

Experienced Developments – with three previous generations of video game consoles, Xbox is confident they have learned about the end-user to improve the gaming console in every way possible.

Xbox Game Pass – the leading digital platform to play Xbox Online will continue to support some of their signature games.

What to Expect

It is wise to say that you can expect a quality, state-of-the-art video game console in the Xbox Series X. The upcoming release of Xbox Series X has lead to a buzz in the gaming industry. Not only does the console implicate further innovations in technology, it means there will be more innovation in overall gaming talent and the video game industry.

If you think Xbox will introduce a gaming console unprepared, think again. Microsoft is committed to producing another gem of a gaming console for video gamers world wide. Video games have been exploding over the past few years. This new console will continue to propel the video gaming industry to new limits.

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