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Portable Wifi – How to Connect While Traveling

Searching for ways to connect to Wifi? There are many different ways to get portable Wifi while on-the-go.

Portable Wifi has become one of the most sought after tools you can get your hands on in today’s ever-connected world. With a personal Wifi hotspot, you have the ability to browse the internet, watch videos and play games online.

By connecting to a wireless hotspot, you are able to avoid racking up any data surcharges from your phone provider.

Why is this helpful?

This will help you save money on your roaming charges and reduce your monthly phone bill.

Why Portable Wifi is Useful

Portable Wifi seems to be the topic of conversation when ever an upcoming trip is being planned. Although it might be expensive, it can be well worth your investment. Keep in mind, portable Wifi is usually not as fast as your at-home Wifi; however, it is still extremely useful at times.

Personal Wifi Hotspots

Personal Wifi hotspots can be as easy as connecting your mobile device to LTE. Apple has designed the iPhone to have the ability to switch into Personal Wifi Mode, however this works off your cellular data plan and uses up your phone battery rather quickly.

Personal Wifi hotspots can also be used when you have local businesses willing to provide their network connection. By joining a secure network, you can browse the internet with less paranoia about your personal security. There is nothing wrong with being paranoid about your personal security, especially when trying to connect to a Wifi network.

Benefits of Portable Wifi Routers

Portable Wifi routers enable you to connect faster than your phone would along with help you stay on a private network. Public networks are usually available, but that is always a risk for Wifi connectivity.


Public Wifi networks are vulnerable to hackers and fraudulent users attempting to steal your personal information. Public Wifi networks are definitely helpful at certain times, but they also pose a threat to your computer security system.

Common public Wifi networks can be found in airports, train stations or other public locations. Public Wifi networks can be helpful at times, yet risky.

Be sure to only visit secure websites that include https:// rather than http:// in their website domain. The S in https:// signifies that the site is secure and will not share your private information.

Private VPN Networks

VPN networks are one very helpful tool you can use to help prevent these personal identity problems from happening. VPN networks allow you to browse freely without having to worry about people trying to scrape your information. They enable you to take care of your work online as needed, hassle-free.

A common problem people run into is browsing non-secure websites or they join public Wifi networks that are at risk to breach. People often get a virus and wonder how they got it. If your account gets compromised, you might be at risk and leak personal information.

Many people are forced to get a new computer and replace their old laptops due to a bad virus. If you ever get a bad virus that is unfixable, make sure you choose a reliable computer and get a private VPN network in the future.

Getting Wifi While Traveling

Traveling is a never-ending activity that continues to grow in popularity every year. With the introduction to social media, people have the ability to see different locations scattered all over the world.

Whether you are flying to Paris or you are backpacking the Himalayan Mountains, Wifi is always one of the first things people think of after a long day of traveling.

If you are unfamiliar with your surroundings and are traveling in a new region, it can be frightening if you cannot connect to your GPS to figure out where you are.

Portable Wifi Routers and Private VPN Networks
Portable Wifi Routers and Private VPN Networks are helpful for traveling and browsing the internet on-the-go.

How to Get Portable Wifi While Traveling

Portable Wifi is helpful while traveling whether you are lost or you need to get work done on the road. Portable Wifi helps digital nomads live their life each day while it helps the regular 9-5 daily commuter to connect during his or her commute to work.

In order to get portable Wifi while traveling, you need to find the right Wifi router for your needs. There are many different portable Wifi routers available, but some have major advantages over others.

Best Portable Wifi Router Options

Portable Wifi routers range from cheaply priced low-tier devices to high performance standards which tend to cost a bit more money. Portable Wifi routers need to be secure, fast and reliable to be considered a viable option to choose from.

When evaluating different portable Wifi routers, you need to analyze each based on a few factors. Price is one of the first factors to consider.

Is the price worth it?

Does the price of the device reflect the effectiveness of the device?

Another thing to consider is the reliability of the Wifi router. If the price is cheap, you should not expect to get reliable connectivity from your router. Make sure you are getting a portable Wifi router that is reliable with strong internet connection.

In addition to the reliability, it is important to get a secure portable Wifi router. Do not take the risk in buying a cheap option with poor security measures in place. If you decide to overlook the importance of personal security, you will find yourself regretting your decision if someone steals your identity.

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