USNS Comfort Arrives in NYC to Fight Coronavirus

USNS Comfort Arrives in NYC to Fight Coronavirus

The USNS Comfort was seen this morning being transported by several tug boats, helicopters and US Coastguard boats towards the upper side of Manhattan to help fight the coronavirus.

The USNS Comfort is going to be used as a health center for people during this intense fight against COVID-19. The additional resources have been called upon as the virus continues to spread rapidly through the United States. New York City has been the most heavily impacted city in the country and is currently in the midst of lockdown period.

USNS Comfort arrives in New York City

The USNS Comfort, usually stationed in Norfork, Virginia; was last seen in NYC during 9/11 back in 2001 after the United States were struck with terrorist attacks. This time, the USNS has been brought up to New York City in light of recent events with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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