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22 Remote Jobs Anybody Can Do From Home

Home-based job opportunities might be hard to come by if you aren't looking in the right places. Here are a handful of remote jobs you can do from the comfort of your house.

Making extra money is always something people want to do. Whether it’s a few extra bucks from walking dogs in the neighborhood or earning weekly income from answering phone calls for an office; earning extra money is never a bad thing.

During these unprecedented times where the majority of people are forced to stay indoors to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, many people are struggling to afford their daily lives. Remote-based jobs are not new, they are just heavily relied upon now.

If you are looking for a job that you can work from home, you are in luck. There are plenty of companies that are hiring for a number of different positions.

Here are a list of 22 different remote jobs you can do from the comfort of your house to earn more money.

Remote Jobs – Make Money Working From Home

1. Paid Surveys

One of the easiest ways you can start making money from home is by getting paid for your opinion. That’s right. you can sign up for paid surveys that brands use to collect information about their products.

While this might not be a full-time job, it is one of the quickest ways to start making money from home.

Get Paid Surveys - Make Money From Home

2. Content Writing

You can find a ton of different content writing positions from newspapers to academics to cooking. Content writers enjoy their jobs because they have the ability to get paid for the amount of words they can type, use their creativity and have highly flexible hours.

You can find writing gigs for any type of niche you can think of.

Writing Jobs - Journalist Jobs - Writing Gigs - Content Writing Positions

3. Virtual Assistant

Finding a virtual assistant has always been a challenge to find for executives and small business owners; yet they are always in high-demand. Virtual assistants are well-paid employees that basically get paid to stay organized.

VA’s might have to juggle calendars, schedule meetings or send out important information to colleagues for their employers. The job can very from day-to-day and continue to change as you grow within your role.

4. Cloud-Based Insurance Agent

With the power of the internet and cloud-based organizations, becoming an insurance agent has been a good career move for many people. Although you will need to get licensed in the states you operate in, insurance agents have the ability to work from home and earn high commissions.

Insurance Agency Jobs - Customer Service Jobs - Remote-Based Jobs - Cloud-based Jobs

5. Editorial Services

Similar to content writing, editing is another good-paying job you can find that many publishers need. Grammar, spell check and link checking is all a necessity that publisher’s utilize.

Hard print like books, newspapers or magazines, digital print like websites, blogs and e-books; all literature-related publishers have a need for editorial services.

 Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings

6. Translator

International business has been around since ancient times and it is no different today. Translators has been and always will be a career that has a very niche demand.

If you are bilingual, you can take advantage of many high-paid translation roles in different businesses from international trade, to travel, hospitality, sports and entertainment. There are dozens and dozens of different use-cases for bilingual translators that you can get hired for.

7. Tutoring

Education is a timeless necessity that people will continuously want to consume. Whether you are tutoring grade school subjects like basic math or you are tutoring an accountant how to create videos for his clients; tutoring can be a great job to utilize.

Tutoring jobs can be found locally in community chat boards or you can find tutoring websites to seek out students.

Teaching Jobs -  Remote Jobs - Education Jobs -  Tutoring Jobs - Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings - Home Based Jobs - Make Money From Home

8. Account Management

Although account management is vague, there are so many different types of account management roles you can find. Consulting firms, advertising agencies, insurers, medical clinics and equipment sales; so many different industries have account management roles that require organizational and basic communication skills.

9. Data Entry

While it might a drag for some people, data entry is a role that is always in high-demand in many offices. If you are talented with Microsoft Excel, this might be a great opportunity for you.

Data entry can range from simply typing in names to a file, but it can also be more advanced like modeling and creating pivot tables. The more advanced skill sets, the higher paid tasks you can find.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social media wasn’t around 20 years ago. Yet today, it is bigger than mainstream news. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, SnapChat, TikTok; these social media platforms have hundreds of millions of people using their platforms.

Because of the massive explosion of social media usage, brands and businesses of all sizes need to show their presence. You can find plenty of different social media marketing roles, either part-time and full-time.

Social Media Marketing Jobs -  Remote Jobs - Digital Marketing Jobs - Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings - Home Based Jobs - Make Money From Home

11. Product Reviews

You might be surprised to learn that many different brands will actually pay for product reviews. Consumers seek out opinions and qualified reviews from everyday folk. Dentists have been providing samples of toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes to get feedback from their patience. Many other industries are eager to get your opinion and feedback from testing out their products.

Social Media Marketing Jobs -  Remote Jobs - Digital Marketing Jobs - Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings - Home Based Jobs - Make Money From Home

12. Graphic Design

This is a great job for people who are creative and like to use their imagination. Graphic design work can range from creating flyers for events to designing a new logo and menu for a restaurant.

Graphic designers have flexibility in their hours and how they work. While most computer-based jobs require internet, most graphic designers have the ability to work offline and can work from almost anywhere.

Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings - Home Based Jobs - Make Money From Home

13. Sales

Sales is a broad job title, but it can range from medical supplies to software to pet food. Sales can be done from virtually anywhere in the world by phone and email.

When you are looking for a sales position, you need to keep an open mind. Sales is a basic talent that can be used in many different use-cases. Be sure to stay nimble on your job search and open to new opportunities. If you are used to selling insurance but the current role calls for car sales, you may have to be flexible and find your inner salesman in a new way.

14. Travel Agent

Anyone can book flights, hotel rooms, schedule meetings or events. However, some people do not have the time to do so. Many people have a need for personalize concierge services to help them plan trips with ease.

Travel agent Jobs - Flight Attendant Jobs - Travel Companies Hiring - Travel Jobs - Get Paid to Travel

15. Life Coach or Mentor

Many people are confused about life. Whether they are a student searching for answers about what to do after graduating or a new business owner that needs to learn how to lead. Life coaching is a unique career path that some people choose to take as a full-time job or a side-hustle.

16. Customer Support

There are dozens of different companies that are constantly hiring customer support services. This can range from answering inbound phone calls to managing chat support online to troubleshoot any problems.

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Progressive Insurance all have a large selection of customer support agent roles available that include good pay and great benefits.

 Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings

17. Telehealth

Doctors, therapists and even nurses can find opportunities in tele-health or telemedicine. People are often looking for qualified medical answers, but can’t always afford the proper opinions due to insurance issues or convenience factors. With the introduction of video chat, telehealth has experienced a rapid growth in job openings.

Telehealth Jobs -  Remote Jobs - Healthcare Jobs -  Telemedicine Jobs - Home-based Nursing Jobs

18. Transcriptionist

When business is done remotely and through many emails or conference calls, people need to keep record of things. Transcription is a well-paid job that many different companies need so they can keep track of conversations and official records.

Depending on what industry you choose, you can find legal-related positions or even be hired to take minutes during company-wide conference calls.

19. Accountant

Accounting roles are pretty standard and self-explanatory. Almost all businesses require an accountant which opens the doors to thousands of different jobs.

Accountants can also build themselves their own book of business and even start their own company by managing the taxes of friends or family. Being a CPA or certified public accountant is something that cannot be overlooked when you are looking for a job. The opportunities are almost endless.

20. Administration Work

Administration work can range from processing email inquiries, responding to customer questions, scheduling meetings, filing important documents or simply keeping things organized.

Accounting Jobs - Home-Based Accounting Roles - Financial Companies Hiring - Accounting Firms Hiring - Accounting Companies Hiring

21. Video Editor

Similar to graphic designing, video editing is a creative job that artistic people tend to love. Creative jobs like a video editor have flexibility and freedom to craft their work at their own pace to assure the best quality.

Video editors can find work from corporate clients like hotels, small local clients like a restaurant and even professional freelance work for news stations.

Remote Jobs - Home Based Jobs - Work From Home Opportunities

22. Voice Services

Voice services can be used for video creators, podcasts, advertisements and small snippets that require a unique voice. There are many different voice-over gigs available on sites like Fiverr and Upwork for custom projects.

Remote Jobs - Work From Home Job Openings


Regardless of your education and work experience, there are plenty of different jobs available for you to apply for. If you want to learn more about how you can advance your career, visit CareerOneStop to read through their extensive resources.

You may find it frustrating while searching for a job at first, but if you take a deep breathe and sift through the many different work-from-home opportunities, you will find something that fits your criteria.


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