7 Great Ways to Organize Your Closet

We all know it’s hard to keep up with the everyday hustle. Staying organized is the key to keeping your mind clear and it starts with your closet. You need to get clean clothes to wear each day out of your closet, so it’s best to stay organized in there!! Here are 7 great ways to organize your closet.

1. Get Down to Child’d Level

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Organizing your closet might sounds easy, but break things down as if you were organizing for a child. Make things as simple as possible based on colors, type of clothing and when you typically wear the items.

2. Store Anything Out of Season to Avoid Clutter

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Clutter is the one thing you need to avoid! Make sure you invest into storage for out-of-season clothing that you can throw in your closet, under your bed or in the attic. This will save you plenty of space.

3. Prioritize Your Closet

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It might sound like common sense, but make it a point to prioritize your closet based on what you wear the most. When you don’t reach for something often, it’s best to move it to the back of the closet or better yet, give it away to charity and get rid of it!

4. Save a TON of Space Using Soda Tabs!

Original Source: TheShabbyCreekCottage

If you are tight on space then you must try this space-saving hack! You are not only recycling old soda can tops, but you also are going to be able to save yourself a ton of space by doing this trick.

5. Space-Saving PVC Pipe Shoe Racks

Original Source: OhMeOhMy

Shoes are a major pain because of the amount of space they can take up. Use PVC pipe and make easy space-saving shoe organizers that can fit in the closet.

6. Start with a Empty Closet

DIY Closet Systems
Original Source: DesignerTrapped

It’s tough to clean your closet if it’s already a mess. I always suggest to remove everything, start with a blank canvas and an empty closet. This way, you can organize things after planning things out deliberately.

7. Creative Closet Organizers

Original Source: DefineBottle

The best part about organizing your closet is the creative aspect of everything. You can use different types of household items or recyclables to organize your closet how you want.

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