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8 Easy DIY Jack-O-Lanterns Ideas

Jack-o’-lanterns are fun and they are a must-have during the Halloween season. Whether you are carving Jack-o’-lanterns out of real pumpkins or you are making an arts & crafts project, there are so many different DIY Jack-o’-lanterns ideas. Discover 8 Easy DIY Jack-o’-lanterns here.

1. Carving a Pumpkin to Make a Homemade Jack-O-Lantern

Original Source: Instructables

Carving pumpkins has always been a fun family tradition. You have the freedom to create whatever design you want and get creative with your pumpkin. A nice bonus treat tip: after removing the pumpkin seeds, bake them in the over for a tasty treat.

2. DIY Jack-O-Lantern Porch Light – Easy and cheap!

Original Source: imgur

If you don’t want to get messy and carve a real pumpkin, you can always use a cheap and easy plastic jack-o-lantern to make a creative Halloween decoration.

3. Black Cats Jack-O-Lanterns

Source: DIY Network

Making a fun cat jack-o-lantern is a favorite for cat lovers. You can add whiskers, paint them different colors and even put ears on them. Each cat jack-o-lantern can have their own personality with different eyes.

4. Vape-O-Lantern

Original Source: PopularScience

A lot of people are interested in making vape-o-lanterns or a jack-o-lantern with vapor coming out. These take a bit more work but are well worth the time.

5. Glowing Plastic Jack-O-Lanterns Totem

Original Source: ScratchandStitch

If you want to take things to the next level, you can make a glowing plastic jack-o-lantern totem that can be great for a front yard decoration. These DIY jack-o-lanterns are a fun and easy way to stand out in the neighborhood.

6. DIY Cement Jack O’ Lantern

Original Source: ArtsyPrettyPlants

DIY cement jack-o-lanterns take a bit more time to make, but they are unique projects to take on. You can customize the design and also paint them any color you want.

7. How To DIY A Galaxy Jack O’ Lantern This Halloween

Original Source: HouseBeautiful

If you like astrology and outer space, these DIY galaxy jack-o-lanterns are a great option to look into.

8. How to make Halloween jack-o-lanterns with scary teeth

Original Source: TheKidsShouldSeeThis

The better you get at carving pumpkins, the more details you can add in your jack-o-lantern designs. You can even add teeth and funny faces to your pumpkins.

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