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5 Favorite Pastel Drawing Techniques

Pastel drawing techniques are helpful for many reasons. Pastel drawings are some of the most unique and eye-catching art creations you can make. From pastel crayons, pencils and paint pallets; pastel art is one of the most popular ways to get inspired to design. Here are 5 favorite pastel drawing techniques.

1. Pastel Colored Pencils Techniques

Original Source: TheArtVerve

Pastel drawing techniques start with the type of writing utensil you choose to use. Pastel colored pencils give you the freedom to hand draw with a fine point. Pastel colored pencils are fun and easy to travel with because they aren’t too messy compared to other art supplies like paints or charcoal pencils.

2. Picking the Right Soft Pastels

soft pastels
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Another one of my favorite pastel drawing techniques is to pick the right pastel! Picking the right soft pastel is important because it helps you with blending and layering. Finding good pastels can inspire you to draw something you never knew you were capable. They give you the ability to create blends, layers and patterns.

3. Blending and Layering Using Pastel Drawing Techniques

blending and layering pastels
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Once you get your hands on a good set of pastels, its a good idea to start practicing. This means getting your hands dirty and try different variations of drawing techniques like I mentioned before. Get creative with blending, layering and patterns so your artwork can POP!

4. Get Colorful Pastels to Draw Your Imagination!

colorful pastel drawing techniques
Original Source: HowtoPastel

Don’t wait to draw when you get inspired! Get a small, compact pastel kit so you can draw when you travel and illustrate your imagination! Colorful travel-size pastel kits give you the ability to practice from anywhere and help you get better at drawing. Practicing your pastel drawing techniques more often will help you get better and better!

5. Drawing Your Surroundings

urban city pastel bridge
Original Source: ArtistsNetwork

If you’re in the city and want to draw a bridge or a skyscraper, you can use different shades of blue, grey and other dark tones. You can also get creative and use brighter colors to make your artwork standout with more. The beautiful thing about pastels and creating art is the unique aspect of it all. Your canvas is yours to get creative however you want!

countryside pastel colors
Original Source: TimesFreePress

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