10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Drinks

I LOVE fall cocktails and desserts! There are so many fun recipes you can make that are delicious! Here are 10 delicious fall cocktail drinks.

1. Homemade Spiked Apple Cider

homemade spiked apple cider
Original Source: Justataste

Apple cider is always a family favorite, but spiked apple cider is another level!

2. Pumpkin Beer

pumpkin beer
Original Source: BrewUnited

Everyone loves a good pumpkin beer! The best is when you add cinnamon sugar on the brim of the glass to get that sweet kick right before the tasty beer hits your taste buds!

3. Warm Whiskey Apple Cider

homemade whiskey apple cider
Original Source: sodapop

If you’re looking for that warm sensation, whiskey apple cider is the best choice for you! This is one of my favorites on a cold fall day!!

4. Autumn Harvest White Sangria

autumn harvest white sangria
Original Source: Nourish&Fete

Elegant, delicious and crafty! I love making autumn harvest sangria! The warm cinnamon flavors mix in magically with the white sangria!

5. Salted Caramel Apple Martini

Salted caramel apple martinis
Original Source: Freut cake

If you love caramel candy apples, you will LOVE this martini! Salted caramel apple martinis are delicious when you want to get into the fall festivities!

6. Pumpkin Beer Float

pumpkin beer float
Original Source: Brit&Co

Pumpkin beer is one thing. But a pumpkin beer float!? OMG! Pumpkin beer floats are SO DELICIOUS !!!

7. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bourbon Cocktail

brown sugar cinnamon bourbon cocktail
Original Source: Freckle&Fair

If you’re looking for a stronger cocktail, try out this scrumptious brown sugar cinnamon bourbon cocktail!

8. Drunken Pumpkin Latte

drunken pumpkin latte
Original Source: delish

This drunken pumpkin latte is so yummy. If you’re looking for substitute for hot cocoa, this is your winner!

9. Apple Cider Mimosas

Original Source: Town&Country

If you like mimosas you will LOVE this apple cider cinnamon sugar mimosa! These are so yummy, easy to make and super cute at parties!

10. Cranberry Gimlet

cranberry gimlet
Original Source: HungryForever

This might not be everyone’s favorite, but it should be! Cranberry gimlet cocktails are so good to try during the autumn season!

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