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5 DIY Tie Dye Sneaker Ideas

We all need shoes or sneakers for everyday life. But regular shoes are boring and bland. It’s so much fun to add your own custom design to your sneakers to give them some spunk. You can use permanent markers, tie dye paints and get creative with your sneakers! Here are 8 DIY tie dye sneaker ideas.

1. Custom Colored Sneakers Made with Permanent Markers

DIY Vans Tie Dye
Original Source: MadeinMichigan

You can get inspired and color your sneakers with permanent market like a Sharpie. Dying your sneakers using Sharpies is easy because you have control over how fine your lines can be or you can choose to blend colors as well!

2. Use Masking Tape to Tie Dye Your Sneakers

Original Source: Momtastic

It’s smart to use masking tape to make fine edges when coloring your sneakers. This will protect the rubber when coloring the canvas material and vice-versa.

3. Ice Dyed Sneakers

ice dyed sneakers
Original Source: MomSpark

You might be surprised to learn that you can use ice from your freeze to make awesome tied dye sneakers. By simply mixing some of your favorite colors with ice cubes packed in your sneakers, you can make some of the most eye-catching pieces of footwear!

4. Get Colorful and Use Your Imagination

Original Source: straatosphere

Get colorful and get inspired by your favorite designs! There are so many ways to mix and match colors, shoe styles and shoelaces. Don’t be afraid to break out your custom dyed sneakers wherever you go.

5. RIT Dye for Sneakers

Original Source: Putthison

Simply by using RIT dye or another easy-to-use coloring agent, you can be wearing custom dyed sneakers anywhere you go.

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