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5 DIY Dream Catcher Ideas

Dream catchers are some of the most fun arts & crafts projects you can make. They are easy to get inspired with creativity and can add a fantastic home decor artwork for your walls. Here are 5 DIY dream catcher ideas.

1. Ultra Minimalist Dream Catcher

Ultra Minimalist Dream Catche
Original Source; HomeISD

This minimalist dream catcher idea is modern and gives your wall subtle artwork accents. This is great for plain white, brick or wooden walls.

2. Crescent Moon Dream Catcher

Crescent Moon Dream Catcher
Original Source: Cuded

This DIY crescent mood dream catcher idea is beautiful. If you like astrology, you can get super creative here with this design. This design can take time but is well worth the effort in the end.

3. Dream Catchers with Shells and Beads

dream catchers with shells and beads
Original Source: DIYProjects

If you like the ocean and colors, this dream catcher with shells and beads is a great project to make. You can find sea shells to add to your dream catcher along with colorful sea glass if you can find it!

4. DIY Dream Catchers for Kids

diy kids dream catchers
Original Source: ArtBarBlog

These colorful DIY kids dream catchers are fun and simple for children. These bright colors will get kids inspired to keep creating more arts and crafts! Kids love to make dream catchers because it lets them be creative with their favorite colors, shapes and patterns!

5. DIY Doily Dream Catchers

Original Source: Artsycraftsymom

This colorful DIY doily dream catcher is an easy way to add new patterns and designs to your dream catcher. Dream catchers can be made with simple household goods like doilies, napkins, tissues and paper towels. You can use yarn, string and streamers to add more personality to your dream catcher too!

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